Graham says……………….Yum!

Scotia Spice Box of spices, recipes and instructions - everything you need for a great curry!

Scotia Spice Box of spices, recipes and instructions – everything you need for a great curry!

At a recent Let’s network event I was speaking to Stuart who had brought along his wife Yasmin’s newly completed product – a box nicely packaged and full of great products.

This was an exciting time as Stuart had spoken about Yasmin’s business on several occasions but this was the first time I had seen the finished product, ready for market – a new business launched!

Having handed over a crisp £20 I took my new box home feeling as if it was Christmas and this was my favourite toy. Remember those days when you didn’t want to put down that one present you had waited so long for? The trip back to Perth from Stirling seemed a long one as I was dreaming of the wonderful packets inside my new purchase.

So what is Yasmin’s new business I hear you ask?

Well Yasmin’s family is from the Pakistani Punjab and my new box contained all the spices, recipes and knowledge I needed to make that ‘real’ Punjabi curry. Not the poor excuse for a curry I normally make using pre-packaged spices, but the genuine article. There is even a picture of her aunt cooking in one pot outside her home!

So, box in situ in my kitchen, the curry was prepared. Why had I always thought that just throwing everything into the pan and hoping for the best was the only way to make a decent curry? Following Yasmin’s very simple instructions, in less than 45 minutes my meal was ready. What an amazing smell was coming from my kitchen, even the cat was queuing up at the door wondering where these new found culinary skills had come from.

Needless to say, our plates were all but licked clean by the time Graham and I were finished. Kizzi the dog was looking heartbroken as there wasn’t even a crumb left for her and Graham’s verdict? ………….Yum!

p.s. If you too would love to experience this box, or have some personal tuition from Yasmin then head over to her facebook page at or her website My guess is…….you won’t be disappointed.


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